What foundation do we give our buildings in Kampala?

As we build higher and stretch the Kampala skyline, we have two options for the foundations of these buildings. We can either go for raft or pile foundations.

The trouble with raft foundations is that, at a certain load/height of a building, the requirement for concrete and steel makes it impractical compared to pile foundation.

It turns out that pile foundations are the most economical types of foundations for tall buildings. Kampala, a city on hills has its geology sufficient in rocks and most of its piles will be end-bearing in-situ concrete piles.

Meet our baby, the 1000mm diameter rock auger that will give you 5 piles a day, each going for a depth of 25 meters below to the bedrock. Eco Concrete is evolving for the future and we are building capacity to give your buildings and your wealth trajectories a firm foundation.

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